Tuesday, September 29, 2009

it's threatening to be cold today. it makes me crazy that we have had 95 degree days recently. i want fall!
so i think i'll force the matter and start posting my favorite warm sweater and hot cocoa season colors. i love the dusty greys and taupes. i also love a good vampy shimmer with the colors of the season

mmmm...i hope it stays cold enough for some cider tonight.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the new Hard Candy polishes have landed at Wal Mart. While I prefer Target...I'll cross any line for a hot new polish!
I cannot get an accurate picture of frenzy so I won't be putting it up in this set. I haven't seen an accurate picture of it yet. Neon seafoam green meets an aqua teal and my camera isn't having any of it.
I can tell you that is in unlike anything I own. The closest is Piggy Polish cosmo toes but CT is much greener and ChG Aqua Baby is by far bluer.
Hot Pants is a beautiful lavender pink with shimmer and hex holo pieces. It's really sheer but I have it over a light purple cream as my pedi and it's very pretty.

HC Rumor Mill
rumor mill is your basic is it black? is it purple? vampy. very pretty anyway in my book!

HC Envy
Envy is just boring old black in low light but when the sunshine hit I heard angels....so brillant.

HC lava
bright tangerine red shimmer... Amazing shimmer really.

HC Mr. Wrong

I don't know another color off the top similar to this one. It's a purple grey with massive gold shimmer. gorgeous.

All of them applied well. The brush on Envy was wonky but everything else was fine. I found these in a new permanent display in the Wal Mart cosmetic dept.
They retail for $5 each

Sunday, September 20, 2009

opi lincoln park after dark suede

Gorgeous jewel toned color. i chose to wear it with a topcoat because i am not a huge fan of the matte effect on my nails and this one is stunning shiny! look at the shimmer. it's very similar in finish to foil and glass fleck polishes. it didn't wear very well over barielle camo though. day 2 and it's a chiptastic mess.
this goes in the LOVE IT pile regardless!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

opi girls just want to play
opi malaga wine
opi hey vito is my car red-y
rbl glamourpuss
nails inc queenstown road
nails inc st james
nails inc victoria
nails inc victoria & albert
essie e! live from the red carpet
chanel rouge noir
chanel pirate
elizabeth arden chevy chase brick
chanel fire
carolyn hell's kitchen
barry m bright red

all red cremes are created equally? not in my world. they all hold a special place in my heart. classic or ballsy depending on the shade. vampy or bright. they are my go to color when i need something strong but not offensive. i really think it's the most functional color family out there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

rescue beauty lounge under the stars

such a beauty full of potential. while i do notice the teal glitter it's still very subtle. i know this was a let down to a lot of girls. i like it. it remains blackened blue without turning dull and black. you can still tell this is blue in low light. i think the subtle glitter helps. it's somewhere in the cnd blue blood meets nfs range in terms of color.

Monday, September 14, 2009

rescue beauty lounge concrete jungle

gorgeous dove grey. i have to say (most rbl cremes apply like butter but not all) there was absolutely something amazing about concrete jungle. it was so smooth and luscious in 1 coat i was shocked. it had no pooling in the cuticle or pull spots. just smooth and amazing coverage. wow. i wish every creme was like this.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

rescue beauty lounge purple haze
i managed to get a decent pic today! i will leave the skittle comparisons up to reference.
the first mani in a long time to actually catch my husbands attention. he normally never even notices my nails. he did however feel the need to let me know that purple haze was a really strange color. gee, thanks hon.
when i asked him if he hated it enough to want me to change it he just shrugged and said 'eh, whatever. you never wear any color for very long anyway'. oops.

Monday, September 7, 2009

not in kansas anymore red *HTF
tucumcari boys n' berry *HTF
sopi meet for drinks
wine not party *HTF
black magic mountain *HTF
malaga wine
mrs. o'leary's bbq
(lpad) lincoln park after dark
(lpam) lincoln park at midnight
pueblo plum *HTF
can you tapas this
sopi i'm with brad
sopi caffeine fix
black cherry chutney
we'll always have paris
So my last mani lasted forever....Mac Dry Martini. I finally just had to take it off because after 4 days, I get grow out and that makes me twitchy!
When I don't feel like anything in particular, one of my comfort zones is Vampy. I thought I would post my favorite selections for the classic Vampy mani. There are so many brands and versions of vampy I'll start with a few of my red family OPI.
*HTF means they are no longer in productions and quite impossible to locate.