Thursday, October 29, 2009

So...I'm taking it back...old school. When this first hit everyone went wild about it!
I also want to mention that this picture of Lancome le Magnetique bordeaux esmee' has been stolen more times then I like to think about. I originally posted it on MUA and then was asked by Michelle of ALU to use it. (I gave her total permission)
Since then I have seen it on just about every kind of blog/website. All without my permission. If you see's been stolen. Most of the sites it's still on have told me to F myself and refused to take it down. So...I'm at a point that if you see it...ignore it...but I do thank everyone who has gone to the trouble to tell me. I appreciate that!
Le Magnetique is a very pretty raisin plum sort of shimmer. by itself it reminds me of CND Cuppa Joe or OPI eat n' eggplant.
My first time trying the star I missed my pinky nail. i waited too long to hold the magnet up to it and the star never pulled up to the surface.
Make sure and give it some really good shakes before you use it. Get those particles spread around!
Be fast with the magnet!
this amazing polish reminds me that polish can be awesome and different. the funky chunky's let us down...but amen for trying! when a brand hits the mark we get stuff like this!
they made a blue one but didn't release it in the US. what a waste!! I want to see these released in all the colors here! Come on!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

lippmann superstar
gorgeous dark brown jelly with copper shines like a new penny in bright light
and straight sexy in low light
it's like the sun glimmering off the fall leaves...only on your nails. it makes me want hot cider and fresh pumpkin bread....fall wrapped up in a polish.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I was lucky enough to get this beauty from a fellow nail polish fanatic. it was not easy to find here....
Versace's as if Chanel Cobra and Clarins #230 had a torrid affair...
the duochrome is all cobra but the delicate immensely shiny shimmer is all #230
it looks black indoors, which i love. i prefer cremes to anything...but i adore a secret and when the light hits it...depending on the's a whole other polish entirely.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clarins #230... unicorn pee?
i don't think so, just a gorgeous jelly with incredible shimmer.
you can layer it over another equally gorgeous color and it won't compromise either one.
it can show you green.
copper sparkles
blue shimmer of scrangie still shines through

these are over opi yoga-ta get this blue
the dark blue forces you to admire the shimmers
from green to gold to amber...all in one shot

the sparkles seem lit from beneath.

Clarins #230 is awesome. however, it won't save your life or cure cancer.
apparently it will break the bank and cause madness that has no end. don't let her draw you into the madness...if it's meant to be it will come to you.
put out some good karma and sit back and wait.

Friday, October 9, 2009

nails inc st james is a gorgeous blue based red creme with the tiniest red shimmer that you can only see at the perfect angle in the sun.
nails inc belgrave is the brightest blurple on the market. it's gorgeous.

nails inc serpentine is a very pretty almost dusty cornflower hue blue.
nails inc fitzhardinge street is a seriously blackened green creme. it green enough for me but very dark.
nails inc kensington palace is an odd sheer grey with blue shimmer. i'm not sold.
nails inc jermyn st is a nice mushroom taupe, different enough from OPI YDKJ to own, but i don't know how it matches some of the new greige polishes hitting the market this season.
nails inc brook st. mews colour & care is a soft black. similar in depth to essie licorice but no brown tones
nails inc basil st is a soft latte shimmer. very work appropriate.
nails inc charlotte st., lighter than the southbank plus shimmer. very chic.
nails inc little venice is a soft peach shimmer.
nails inc wested is a very bright opaque coral shimmer with pink tones.
nails inc drury lane is an awesome coral creme. nails inc had like 5 this summer!
nails inc knightsbridge is a bright pink coral creme
nails inc festival pier is a opaque pink neon with a touch of warm coral

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

lippmann funky chunky

Deconstruction is what Deb Lippmann claims her intent was with Funky Chunky. Deconstruction is a way of tearing apart the foundation of what we know something as and showing it's instability or complexity. I am really not sure how or why that should apply to nail polish. Maybe it's just from the simple aspect of everything has already been 'done'.
Take the new Matte trend. it's the new big thing...but it's actually old.
Deb mentioned on her blog that she thought her polish looked like the top of the Anniversary box. Sequins scattered in the black. And while the basic idea does...the lack of the matte vs shine that the box has and the polish does not, makes my nails look like a lumpy bubbly hot mess.

So, while I appreciate the intent behind it I can't love it.
I don't actually hate it though, which surprised me.
The big mental block I have against textured nail polish is that it's...well, textured. As a nail polish nut I work really hard to create a smooth as glass, candy like finish on my nails. I love Poshe and Seche Vite for their ability to smooth out a surface and make it shine.

Putting lumps in my nail polish just makes me feel self conscience about them. I know they are 'deconstructed' but the chick at ULTA just thinks I layered my black over a glitter or I was half asleep painting them in various spots rather then taking my time to do a nice mani.
I will admit that I like the look up close. I do like to stare at the shapes. I just doubt anyone else is going to look close enough to appreciate them.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

I totally succumbed to the pics of this color. Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie is gorgeous. There was some drama, I'm not sure how it started, that the application was bad on this one. I can honestly say that mine applied like a true RBL. Smooth and even in 2 coats. Absolute dream.

I couldn't leave it alone though...and I added a thin coat of the VHTF Clarins #230 over it. You can see the blue shimmer of Scrangie peeking through and that combo is swoon worthy.